Branching questions

In this tutorial, we will go through the steps required to create a branching question in Nobula Editor.

We recommend creating your questions, and the slides that you want to continue with before setting out rules for branching. You can find more tips for creating questions and slides in our previous tutorials. The first thing you need to do is to put your question on to the chalkboard. That can be achieved in the design side panel, right at the bottom, next to the save button. Click the icon, and your element is added to the chalkboard.

Now you need to create predicates, or so to say, possible outcomes. Do that by clicking the three dots on the purple toolbar and clicking “Presentation predicates”. First you need to name your predicate, or label it. The label is something for you to use, and will not be seen. Then you have to select the element with which the predicate is related, and that is the question. Next, click whether the predicate will be active if the question is only answered or only when a specific answer is clicked, and which answer that is.

Now that you have created our predicates, you need to apply them. Move to the slide you want to see if the question is answered “Yes”. Click the three dots on the white toolbar and select “Applied rules”. Then, choose that you want to show it if the certain predicate is fulfilled, and add that rule. Also, you need to make sure that the same slide is not shown when a predicate with a different answer is fulfilled. So, you create and add that rule too. Now, we repeat the same thing with reversed predicates on the slide that you want to see when the question is answered “No”.