Inserting a modal

In this tutorial we will discuss modals. Firstly, let’s define what they are. A modal slide is a pop-up slide that is shown under certain conditions, like clicking a button, or selecting a certain answer. You will use an example of using a button. More instructions on how to insert and edit a button can be found in one of our previous tutorials.

Any slide in your Nobula presentation can be put in a modal option anywhere in the presentation. So, let’s begin.

First, click the “Modal” icon on the left sidebar. Now, name the element. Naming is quite important so you could easily connect it to other elements later. The modal title is something that only helps you to get by easily with a large number of elements. The modal, as well as its title, is not visible by itself in the player. Next, set the modal content by selecting the slide you want to be seen as a pop-up. Finally, set which element do you want click before display and save changes. Now, if you want your modal only to be a pop up, and not a regular slide, you then click the slide you chose for your modal content and click the “Hide slide” icon in the white upper toolbar. Let’s play the presentation. As you can see, when you click the button, you can see the modal content as a pop up slide.