Inserting a table

In this tutorial you will learn how to insert a table into a Nobula Editor.

Under the “Tables, lists, and forms” text on the left, you will find the table icon. When you click it, a 2 by 2 table appears. On the right, there is a side panel that you can use to adjust the table. Adding and removing rows and columns is easy done by clicking the plus or the minus icons. You can also manually use the mouse and select the wanted layout of the table on the table on the side panel.

The text needs to be individually written in every cell. You can edit the font and the border size and colors, as well as the background color on the side panel. You can additionally edit rows or columns individually by clicking the little palette icons. Last, but not least, other editing options include changing the element’s name, adding an animation to it, and connecting it to other elements via clicks.