Inserting a text element

In this tutorial we will show you how to insert and edit a text element. Start by clicking the text icon on the left. The new element appears on the slide, and the design side panel opens. The first step is to name the element. Next, write, or paste the text you want to have in the text box.

If pasting, we advise you to use the control, shift and V combination so that you only paste the text, and can edit it. The text editing functions classically. Highlight the text you want to adjust, and click the wanted option – bold, underline, italic, strike, subscript, superscript, change the color, highlight etc. There is also an eraser icon, and it can remove the formatting. Once you have edited the text, you can also change its size.

Below, you can also see font and background color changes options, and it is referred to the whole element. Also, you can use two of the predefined variables. Using a double bracket and a variable, you can refer to the score of the user and the time elapsed while the user was going through the presentation. Finally, there are animation options, and options that could connect the text element with other elements on the same slide via clicks.