Inserting a yes/no question

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a yes/no question. We will begin by clicking the “Yes/No question” icon, under the “Questions” sidebar on the left. Our question has now appeared on the slide, and the side panel has opened.

You then name element first, with questions the naming has an important role, because that is how questions are distinguished in the report. In the field “Question” we write out the question text. Then, you can mark whether “Yes” or “No” is the correct answer.

Lower, you can enter possible comments on answers, but they are not mandatory. There is also an option to switch slides when an answer is clicked, but it is also not mandatory. Furthermore, you can adjust text and background colors, font sizes, and borders. Here, you also see two boxes. If the “blocking question” box is ticked, the user is not able to move on to the next slide if they do not answer the question first. The “show in report” box determines whether this question will be shown in the case report. Finally, there is also an option to connect this questions with other elements on the same slide via clicks. Let’s play the presentation and see how the question looks. As you can see, since we did not write out any comments, there is no comment on the question, but we can see if we answered correctly.