Inserting HTML

This is the first tutorial which will be focused on an advanced element, an HTML element.

Firstly, you need to go under the advanced elements sidebar on the left, and click the “HTML” icon. In the element side panel, you then name the element. Now, in the “HTML” field, you can place any HTML code you want to. This widely depend on your creativity and knowledge on html.

In our experience, we have mostly used this functionality to insert links and embed videos, since when videos are embedded, there is no size limits, but once again, anything that can be coded in html can be integrated into a Nobula Presentation Maker using this option. Once you write, or paste the desired code, you can also animate the element, and connect it to other elements on the slide via clicking. We will show you an example of embedding a video. You paste the code into the box, and the only thing that needs to be adjusted are the dimensions. In width you need to put 100% and in height also, so that the video is fully inside the border frame. Now you can adjust the size only by pulling the frame.