In the first tutorial, we will explain basics of Nobula Editor. First we will log in using username and password. The menu on the left side of the interface contains several important tabs.

„Home“ and „Presentations“ tabs provide an overview of all the main functions related to presentation. You can either start creating a new presentation from scratch by clicking the new presentation button or import an existing Nobula presentation by clicking the import presentation button. You can also sort existing presentations by title or last update as well as search, bookmark, select, download and delete presentations.

To open a presentation in the Nobula Presentation Player, you need to click on the start button to edit the presentation.

You can also switch between list and grid view for easier navigation. In the settings tab, you can enable a private account in order to make it invisible in connection search by clicking on the toggle button. You can also change password here if needed.

„Connections“ and „Messaging“ tabs are used to connect to and message other users. On the right, there are notification and message buttons. You can also change the language by clicking on the globe icon. If you want to log out of the presentation maker, you can do so by clicking the logout button in the bottom left corner.