Multiple Choice Question

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a multiple choice question.

Begin by clicking the question icon, under the “Questions” sidebar on the left. Question has now appeared on the slide, and the side panel has opened. Then name you element first, with questions the naming has an important role, because that is how questions are distinguished in the report. In the field “Question”, write out the question text. Then, you can add the answers, as many as you want to.

Now edit each answer separately by clicking on it. Firstly, you choose whether the answer is correct, incorrect, or debatable. Then, type the answer text in. Finally, you can, but do not have to, add a comment that will be shown when that specific answer is chosen. If you make a mistake, it is easy to delete an answer by clicking the trash can icon. Next, you see the confirm button box. If  you click it, the answer, or answers that the user gives, will have to be confirmed in order to be marked by the system. Without it, the answer is marked when clicked on by the user.

If  you enable the confirm button, you can also edit the text on it, as well as its background color. Next you have a series of boxes. Firstly, the “Show index” box. If it is enabled, the user will see which answers they chose. Second, you have a “Single correct” box. If it is enabled, the users cannot select multiple answers, only one. Up next,  see the “Blocking question” box. If a question is marked as a blocking one, the user cannot continue to the next slide without giving an answer to that question.

Next, there is a “Show in report box”. If we tick it, the question will be shown in the case report, otherwise, it will not be. Finally, you see the “Show results” box. If you tick it, all of the users solving the case will immediately see the percentages of answers given by other users.

Next in the side panel you can switch all the background colors as you wish, adjust font sizes, borders, and connect our question with other elements on the same slide.