Presentation Basics

In this tutorial we will go over the basics of creating a presentation in the Nobula Editor.

Start by clicking the „New presentation“ button which takes us to the editing interface. Before start adding elements to our empty slide, you will name presentation in the purple top menu bar and confirm the new name by clicking Enter.

By clicking on the „Settings“ menu, you can change several things.  Presentation can either be public, protected or password protected. A protected presentation cannot be viewed in the presentation player. You confirm choice by clicking the „Save“ button.

The „Settings“ menu also enables us to change the presentation’s background, either the background color or the background image.  You can choose one of the present background colors or find our own by clicking the paint brush icon on the right. You can also upload an image from computer and set it as the presentation background by clicking the upload icon on the right. Than confirm the changes by clicking the „Save“ button.

By default, the „Background settings“ option affects all slides in the presentation, but you can change backgrounds of individual slides if you desire to do so.

How to use the “Gamification” menu, “Reports”, “Options” and so on, find out in the tutorial: