User guide for Nobula Case Creator

Nobula Case Creator NEW functionalities

Master the Nobula Editor tool in wich you create the cases, with the help of the tutorials below:

  1. INTRODUCTION: In the Introduction, we introduce you to Nobula Editor and explain the role of individual tabs.
  2. PRESENTATION BASICS: In the next tutorial, we will go through the basics of creating a presentation in Nobula Editor.
  3. INSERTING A TEXT ELEMENT: Then, in the “Text element” tutorial, see how text is placed and edited.
  4. INSERTING A PHOTO: How to incorporate a photo into Presentation Maker, find out here.
  5. INSERTING A VIDEO: One of the possibilities of Nobula Case Creator are videos. See how to insert them in Nobula Editor.
  6. INSERTING A BUTTON: The “Button element” provides a dose of interaction, which is explained in detail in this tutorial.
  7. BRANCHING QUESTIONS: Then, learn how to create a branching question in Nobula presentation maker.
  8. INSERTING A LIST: How to insert a list, find out in this tutorial.
  9. INSERTING A TABLE: Next, we will explain how to insert a table.
  10. INSERTING SHAPES: In this tutorial, you will learn how to insert and edit shapes.
  11. MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION: Next, find out how to create a multiple choice question.
  12. INSERTING HTML: Check the first tutorial which will be focused on an advanced element, an HTML element.
  13. IMAGE GALLERY: In the next video, we will demonstrate how to create and edit an image gallery.
  14. YES/NO QUESTION: How to create a yes/no question we will show in this tutorial.
  15. INSERTING A MODAL: In next tutorial we will discuss modals.