Software for all industries: Collaboration with GlycanAge

Nobula Case Creator software is suitable for almost all industries, and we are extremely pleased that the potential of this software has been recognized by GlycanAge company.

Collaboration with GlycanAge is an example of successful implementation of Nobula Case Creator in the world of healthcare and biotechnology. Specifically, GlycanAge team developed an interactive education using our software which provides users with the opportunity to learn more about the importance of glycans for health and biological age measurement. The education is available to everyone via the link, and you can see what it looks like here:

Test your knowledge and learn something new!

GlycanAge Case is an excellent example of how Nobula Case Creator can be used for education about complex topics in a simple and interesting way. Each element in the Case can be easily adapted to one’s specific needs and requirements, which is crucial for creating the best user experience. The GlycanAge team recognized many opportunities provided by our software and used them to the maximum, resulting in the creation of an interactive education that, in addition to being visually appealing, contains numerous functionalities.

Ultimately, the collaboration between GlycanAge and Nobula confirms that Nobula Case Creator is a versatile software that can be applied in different industries and business environments.

Health and longevity are hot topics in our society, and you can find out what glycans testing tells us about our health in the GlycanAge education.

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