About us

Challenging times bring with them a strong need for adjustments. We decided to go one step further and be the initiator of change. Wanting to combine technology, interaction, and education, we created Nobula. The name itself is a combination of two words, Knowledge, and Nebula.

In short, Nobula encourages learning at a deeper level, the development of strategic thinking and teamwork.

In addition to a unique tool in education, we created another version of the platform to generate a hybrid or a virtual event. Security, speed, independent administration, and the possibility of branding are just some of its advantages.

Your partner in technology development

Who are we?

We are currently a team of 9 people and constantly growing. So far, together we have dozens of years of experience on various projects from banking to medicine.


To become a synonym for education and event organization on the global market.


To influence learning processes, develop new tools and change learning methods, which, despite digitalization, have been very similar for the past few hundred years.


ZICER, Avenija Dubrovnik 15, paviljon 12