About us

Challenging times bring with them a strong need for adjustments. We decided to go one step further and be the initiator of change.

That is why we launched the startup Nobula Technologies d.o.o. which is based on interaction, creativity, technology, and education. The name Nobula is a combination of two words, “knowledge” and “nebula.”

Our goal is to promote deep learning, strategic thinking, and teamwork through unique products. Our tool, the Nobula Case Creator, allows you to create your own educational case and supports this mission. We have also created a version that enables the generation of hybrid or virtual events – the Nobula Event Platform. Security, speed, self-administration, and branding are just some of its advantages.

“A lot of knowledge, effort, time, and money have been invested in this startup. We started with the idea of changing the way we learn and still believe in it. And of course, we have a lot of plans, from the vision of the application itself to sales goals,” says Zoran Milas, co-founder of Nobula Technologies d.o.o.

And yes, this is a 100 percent Croatian product!

Your ally for innovative solutions

Who are we?

Although we are small, our team is powerful! So far, together we have dozens of years of experience on various projects from banking to medicine.


To become a synonym for education and event organization on the global market.


To influence learning processes, develop new tools and change learning methods, which, despite digitalization, have been very similar for the past few hundred years.

Nobula NextGen EU

ZICER, Avenija Dubrovnik 15, paviljon 12