In education, the integration of modern technologies is crucial for fostering engagement, developing critical thinking, and achieving more efficient learning. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that our interactive case-based learning application, Nobula Case Creator (NCC), will play a significant role in the esteemed symposium ‘Innovative Methods in Learning’ at the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka. The symposium is scheduled for December 4th as part of the Faculty Day.

The symposium’s theme was chosen because the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka is the first in Croatia to introduce Nobula Case Creator into the teaching process and numerous extracurricular activities.

The first part of the symposium will highlight innovative approaches to implementing NCC in medical education through educational lectures and practical examples, with a focus on the perspectives of both teachers and students. Subsequently, the application’s functionalities will be presented. In the second part of the symposium, educational and creative workshops on case-based learning methodology are planned. Participants will have the opportunity to receive examples of applying this method in daily practice. And also, create case analyses and problem tasks using Nobula Case Creator. Although the primary purpose of the application is case analysis, the general potential for promoting interactivity in teaching through a problem-based learning approach will be emphasized.

We anticipate inspiring discussions and collaborative efforts to promote advanced practices in medical education. More information about the symposium can be found on the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka’s website. The symposium is intended for teachers and students of the Faculty of Medicine in Rijeka. Participation is free. Registrations are open until November 23rd at the provided link.


Program of the Medical Education Symposium

Gamification is a concept used to integrate elements of games and entertainment into non-gaming contexts, such as education, business environments, and marketing. Some of the fundamental principles include:

  • Competition
  • Collaboration
  • Rewards
  • Scoring

Through these aforementioned principles, the goal is to enhance user engagement, motivate, and ultimately foster loyalty. This is a powerful tool that transforms the way we use various applications, and in the case of Nobula Case Creator, gamification has been integrated from the very beginning. The benefits are numerous and can be highlighted on multiple levels, and we outline these five:

1. Gamification significantly improves the user experience.

By adding game elements, the application becomes more engaging to users, encouraging them to use it regularly. This factor attracts a larger user base and makes them more loyal.

2. It encourages creativity and innovation among users.

Users develop creative strategies to solve problems within the application, promoting innovative thinking and the development of new approaches.

3. It promotes teamwork.

Incorporating competitive elements within a team environment results in increased productivity.

4.  Enhances user engagement.

Collecting points for correct answers, countdowns, and total score are all gamification elements that boost user performance.

5. It improves information retention.

The use of gamification elements is a beneficial method for better and easier retention of information.

Furthermore, gamification has a social dimension. Through competitions and social elements, this feature connects the community of application users