E- Poster: Interactive Experience at the Event

We’ve decided to enhance Nobula by developing another app. The e-poster is an electronic version of traditional boards displayed on monitor screens. In Nobula, it’s cloud-based and accessible on any device!

Why choose an e-poster?

Convenience: All research and information are at your fingertips regardless of your location.

Customizability: E-posters allow greater flexibility in design and content as there are no limitations regarding size or format as with paper posters. They can also be easily tailored to different target audiences or evolving marketing strategies.

Simplicity: Enhanced search capabilities make it easier to find posters by name, author, or keywords, ensuring access to content most relevant to your interests.

Integration: The app seamlessly integrates with existing congress websites, allowing organizers to effortlessly incorporate interactive poster sessions into their events.

Easy Updates: Changes in content or design can be easily applied and distributed without the need for reprinting or manual alterations.

Wide Reach: Since everything is online, e-posters can easily reach a broader audience.

This results in increased engagement and transforms static poster presentations into dynamic, interactive experiences that captivate the audience and stimulate significant discussions.

Where is the e-poster available?

Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, the e-poster provides a consistent and user-friendly experience on all devices.

Nobula NextGen EU

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