Nobula Case Creator in Medical Education

In today’s era of rapid technological advancement, it is important to keep pace with the times, including in the field of medical education. Medical education is a crucial element in shaping future healthcare professionals, so it is important to find innovative and engaging methods to facilitate better knowledge acquisition for students.

For this very reason, we have developed the Nobula Case Creator app, based on case-based learning. This app offers various implementation possibilities, and we highlight four ways to use it in medical education.

Medical Education – Live

Firstly, it enables instructors to conduct live classes where students, using their mobile devices, actively participate in the learning process. This interactive method encourages student engagement and facilitates their understanding of complex medical cases.

Virtual and Hybrid

Furthermore, the Nobula Case Creator can be used in virtual and hybrid teaching, adapting to the needs of modern education. The virtual format allows access to learning from the comfort of one’s home, while hybrid teaching combines the advantages of virtual and traditional teaching.

Clinical Medical Education

The application is a valuable tool in clinical education as well. When it is necessary to educate students about a specific clinical case that is currently not present in the department, this application provides a simulated experience that helps students acquire relevant skills and knowledge.

LMS Integration

Lastly, the app supports on-demand learning through various Learning Management Systems (LMS). This enables students to access materials and case studies anytime, anywhere, catering to their individual needs and schedules.

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