MAU: Why Did We Choose This Approach?

Monthly Active Users, also known as MAU, are a crucial performance indicator used to analyze user engagement. The high number of active users over an extended period is an indicator of stable user engagement, while a low MAU count may signal business slowdown or user attrition.

Measuring Towards a Better Strategy

By measuring monthly active users, a company positions itself for better shaping future marketing strategies and enhancing user experience. Ultimately, tracking MAU aids in better understanding the health and performance of your business from month to month. Every company aims for profitability, achievable only if users genuinely interact with the product. Therefore, it is vital to measure users interacting with key features of your product.

Why is MAU Important?

MAU signifies the number of unique users who have performed a specific action in the application within 30 days. It’s essential to note that users are considered active based on their logins. Furthermore, tracking user engagement over time, discovering their preferences, and assessing the impact of marketing initiatives and the launch of new features are significant benefits of this approach. It can also be used to calculate or predict user churn, crucial for improving overall monthly engagement. Like any approach, this one has certain drawbacks. MAU reveals only the quantity of users, not their quality. App development can be challenging, especially concerning pricing determination.

MAU, in fact, was a key factor we used in shaping the pricing of our service. With Nobula Case Creator, our focus has been on transparency and fairness. Clients pay only for what they use, and each month, a new group of users has the opportunity to join the campaign, providing a unique experience and adaptability without financial pressure.

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