Meet Nobula Case Creator

Nobula Interactive Case has become Nobula Case Creator!

The new name better reflects the main function of the application, which is creating educational cases. The name change also emphasizes the innovation and adaptability of the tool. The main features of Nobula Case Creator are:

  • Creating interactive cases

This online learning tool allows you to create interactive cases that can be shared via a simple link. Therefore, no installation of an application or software is needed. Depending on your preferences, you can create education from your field of interest. Thanks to the possibility of integrating different multimedia content, your case can contain videos, photos, and audio files. When you learn all the functionalities for creating a case, all that remains is for you to be creative.

In less than 40 minutes of education, you can learn how to create a case in Nobula Case Creator. There is no need for programming knowledge, and the process of creating a case is intuitive and straightforward. Learn more about it in our tutorials.

  • Gamification

The content part of Nobula Case Creator includes educational materials through various forms of multimedia. The interactive part is crucial for encouraging motivation and interest. Thanks to gamification elements, education becomes like a favorite game. Users go through cases within a certain time frame and get points for each correct answer, while points are deducted for incorrect answers.

  • Commitment to development

It should be emphasized that we continuously develop Nobula Case Creator and are committed to building recognition as an innovative tool that makes learning an exciting experience that will inspire you to continue advancing!

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