How does Nobula Case Creator work?

Easy-to-use is one of the many advantages of Nobula Case Creator. In this article, we will explain why this tool is ideal for implementation in education.

  • Why use Nobula Case Creator?

Imagine being able to educate about absolutely anything that is your field of interest – from history, culture to popular games. Nobula Case Creator enables the creation of cases that, once created, can be shared via link. This makes it an ideal tool for online learning as it provides an interactive experience and puts the user in an active position. Students can browse different aspects of the case, work on tasks, and check their answers in real-time. Additionally, the platform allows for the integration of multimedia content such as videos, images, and audio, making learning even more dynamic.

  • Ease of Use

Using this platform and creating a case does not require programming knowledge. In less than 40 minutes of education, you can learn how to create a case in Nobula Case Creator. To make it easier to use the application, we have also prepared a series of tutorials for easier navigation.

Check them out here.

Once you have learned all the functionalities for creating your own “case,” you are left to be creative and make the most of the application’s benefits. In the following section, we introduce you to the Nobula Presentation editor, where the case is created:

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