Medicine in the 19th Century: Solve Our Case

Diagnosing and treating diseases in the past was a real challenge, centuries ago. Can you just imagine how medicine worked in the 19th century?

Let’s take, for example, an imaginary case of a young woman from the small town of Canterbury. Through our interactive platform, Nobula Case Creator, we will allow you to experience this challenge and provide you with insight into how medicine functioned during that time. So get ready for a journey into the past and solve this case.

Test your knowledge.

Case Presentation

Imagine you are a doctor in the small town of Canterbury in the 19th century. A 22-year-old young woman comes to your office, complaining of severe pain in the lower abdomen that has been persisting for several hours. Your first task is to carefully talk to the patient to gather as much information as possible about her symptoms. Since you only have basic medical tools at your disposal, you must rely on your own experience and knowledge.

The patient describes pain on touch in the lower abdomen, and her body temperature is slightly elevated. You don’t have access to modern diagnostic methods such as X-rays or laboratory tests. No one else in her household has similar symptoms. Therefore, it’s up to you to use the available information and your skills to make a diagnosis.
Solving the case will allow you to explore different steps in diagnosing and treating the patient. Traveling to the past will give you insight into the limitations of that time, but also the creativity and expertise of doctors who worked with limited resources.

Solve the mystery.

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