Power Point: Why is it not effective in education?

In the last ten years, the use of technology in classrooms has become ubiquitous. Projectors and Power Point presentations have replaced the once popular chalkboard. While the development of technology brings numerous advantages, the way it is utilized is important. Therefore, colorful Power Point presentations with dozens of bullet points have their drawbacks.

This practice has become common among many teachers who use Power Point without questioning or considering alternatives. We can agree that this teaching method is visually appealing, but it is still one-sided. Power Point presentations do not encourage creative thinking or leave room for deeper understanding of the material, especially when presented in a dark classroom.

Instead of active discussion and analysis, students simply take notes from the slides. Apart from the visual aspect, it seems that teaching has not significantly moved away from writing on the board. Moreover, the use of Power Point in complete darkness has a negative impact on student learning and eye health.

However, the point is not to return to the teaching methods of centuries ago. Instead of completely abandoning technology, teachers should adapt the way it is used. The goal is to create interactive presentations that encourage critical thinking and problem-solving. Developing skills and understanding the material are what should be encouraged, rather than unilaterally transmitting information.

Technology can be a valuable tool, but only if used properly. At Nobula, we are well aware of the importance of interactive learning. With the aim of making it easier for teachers to create such learning experiences and providing students with dynamic, enjoyable, and effective learning, we have created Nobula Case Creator. The content includes educational materials in various multimedia formats, and thanks to gamification elements, learning becomes fun and effective.

Try out how it works with our case about Rome.


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